Thomas Mengel

Dr. Thomas Mengel; Professor of Leadership Studies;
Chief ValuesXplorer

I passionately belief that everybody can find meaning in our lives and in our work. In exploring and living up to our values we can succeed in realizing our full personal and professional potential. I personally live my values in my personal life and in my professional life as seasoned entrepreneur, leader, manager, consultant, coach, futurist and and as professor of leadership studies at the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

I have been teaching in the field of leadership for more than 30 years. My academic degrees are in theology, adult education (minor in psychology), history, and computer science (minor in education and business administration). Before joining academia full-time in 2005, I held various project management and leadership positions and worked as an entrepreneur and consultant in different European and North American organizational contexts. My major focus in research, teaching and my professional and entrepreneurial practice is on the significance of motivation, values, and meaning in the context of futures-studies, foresight, project management and leadership. I am particularly interested in supporting personal and professional growth as well as leadership development in the context of strategic foresight.

Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ has particularly influenced my professional work as I was captivated by the belief that everybody can discover their personal values and meaning. I engaged in a four year post-graduate program in meaning-centered and values-oriented coaching and counseling authorized by Viktor Frankl. Subsequently, I committed myself to helping others to live a fulfilled personal and professional life by finding a cause greater than themselves became his life purpose. In this context I utilize a variety of tools (e.g., DISC, Insights, MBTI, Enneagram, Reiss Profile, etc.) to support the journey of personal and professional discovery.

As futurist (APF, WFS, WFSF), I use various tools of foresight and futures-orientation to help individuals and organizations design and implement a futures-ready and values-oriented (self) leadership vision, strategy, and plan.