Locate the center of your life

and let its values permeate your being

(Ulrich Schaffer, 2000, Visions, p. 18)

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ValuesXplorer Inc.
Email:   thomas at valuesXplorer.com
Phone: +1-506-345-0173

We consult, train and coach individuals, teams, projects and organizations to discover their values, to identify their vision and to establish their mission. Our ultimate goal is values alignment and high performance on an individual, team, project and organizational level.

ValuesXplorer offers consulting, training and coaching services for individuals, teams, projects and organizations. This work is based on our experience from consulting and coaching hundreds of corporate and individual clients across various industries, cultures and countries, and from delivering over 50 different kind of seminars/workshops to more than 1,000 participants.
Individuals (Self Leadership)
  • Discover the art of living a meaningful life
  • Explore your values and create your vision
  • Establish your life mission and purpose
  • Live a fulfilled and happy life
Teams (Team development and leadership)
  • Discover the art of team development & leadership
  • Identify shared values and joint vision
  • Establish team mission, purpose and goals
  • Achieve and maintain high team performance
Projects (Project leadership)
  • From project management to project leadership
  • Identify project values and vision
  • Establish project mission, strategy and plan
  • Achieve project success
Organizations (Organizational leadership)
  • Leadership development
  • Creating a meaningful work environment
  • Identify organizational values and vision
  • Establish organizational mission and purpose
  • Achieve and maintain high performance